Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Day One - To The Airport

It was all going way too smoothly, the wedding had gone to plan, the travels had been booked and confirmed and then ......

We got to Heathrow and as our hotel was pretty close to the terminal we thought we'd try and check in a day early to try and get the exit door seats. Janine didn't have a problem with the online Virgin check in . . . . I however did.

Upon talking to the nice Virgin people I was asked for my passport at which point the "nice" person dissapeared into a back room talking frantically into his mobile phone. When he returned I asked what all the chatter had been about, he informed me (very politely it must be said) that I had been flagged up as a suspected terrorist!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently the authorities have a "Robert Smith" on their "Watch List" ....

Anyway, after a detailed examination of my passport they have decided that I'm not their man and I can afterall fly to The Land Of The Free.


Ps can't believe the footy result last night ...... own goal ................really!!!???

pps my old, trusty, tried and tested rucksack has split open before it even made it to the USA!!!!


The Bad Man said...

I'll make sure they get you on the way out Andrew. They'll be waiting with sniffer dogs and rubber gloves as you depart America.

What's that place they can hold you for as long as they like called? Oh how we'll laugh........ I'm scared of J though, she might get angry?!

The Bad Man said...

P.s..........Joooooooohhhhhhhhnnnnnnn Arne Riiiiiissssssaaaaaaaaaa oh ah I wannnnaaaa know o o o ... o o o how you scored that goal!