Thursday, 24 April 2008

New York City!

So here we are in New York City! Flight over was smooth, and Virgin premium economy was the dogs - most recommended (No, I didn't get paid for that endorsement...).

Got in early last night local time, and after checking in to our fab hotel, we decided to hit the town! Unfortunately, jet lag / time difference was difficult to fight, so after a few drinks in a great bar (possibly called the bar with no name, as it had no name) we went to get dinner - 2 New york pizza slices each!! Yum yum. We tried to fight the sleepy feeling, but another drink just pushed us over the edge, and we were in bed by our defence it was 3am UK time!

Today we woke up ridiculously early, so planned our days out then got breakfast - hitting the streets before 9am. Unfortunately no one opens up shops before 11am, so we've been walking about in the sunshine, which in New York is brilliant anyway.

We went to Yaffa Cafe (one of Andy's old New York haunts) for more breakfast, and are now in Alphabet City, waiting for some vintage stores to open, so we can go spend some cash!

Tonight we have a reservation at a restaurant called Quality Meats (I'm assured there's a veggie option, but it may turn out to be salad) and tomorrow we are on the Sex & the City tour - thank you Bex!!

Will keep you posted, all our love,


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neil said...

Internet access and planning shopping already!

We tracked the flight in last night, but good to hear it was all OK.