Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Rocky, cheese-steak and a concise description of George Bush

Well that about sums up Philly!

A lovely , quaint and pretty small American city where the people couldn’t do more to help. People went out of their way to give advice on sites, tours and restaurant / bar recommendations. I don’t think either of us have been bought more free drinks in our lives than in the Cheese-Steak capital of the world.

The B&B we stayed in was something special - they even provided free cheese and wine from 5.30pm - 6.30pm nightly. As you can imagine like a red rag to a bull this service got exploited to the max.

More seriously it was a great way to meet other guests in the B&B and we ended up befriending 2 American couples and going out for dinner / drinks with them. After quite a few glasses of wine the conversation turned to politics and the danger flags should have gone up when the question was asked “So, what do you really think of our President?” Now what I should have said was “an interesting world leader who is perhaps misunderstood although his efforts in the middle east are noteworthy” ………….. what I did say was “he’s an idiot, a fool and possibly inbred!” Not sure we’ll hear from the lovely Americans again.

One of the highlights was without doubt running up the steps at the Museum of Art in true Rocky Balboa style. At the top of the steps whilst impressing the yanks with my nifty footwork / shadow boxing (?) a voice shouts “Andy” …………. It’s a guy that used to work in Balham branch of Halifax … he was actually really friendly given that my last encounter with him was to inform him he was sacked!!!!

On our way to Washington DC now, must remember to avoid more conversations about the President.


The Bad Man said...

Splendid pictures, I like the fact that you're not ashamed to show the Jazz hands in public.

As for George Bush.......How can they not think he's an idiot? Have they not seen him speak???!! But then, they did vote for him twice so I guess they have to stick up for the inbred, thick as 2 short planks, Hick! I had to buy Deliverance as I was missing watching it with Andy and singing "the dueling banjos" ok, ok we all know it was more to do with "Squeal piggy"

neil said...

Did the lovely Americans seem to take offense to your frank view of Bush then?