Friday, 2 May 2008

American City Lite Then Hicks, Homies and Hobos

Washington Done! Nice place, very clean but kind of "American City Lite" - Just didn't have much substance, when you go to "China Town" and there isn't a Asian in sight and it's packed with Pizza places you know something is mixed up. Some nice sights though.

A massive thank you to Joe Zertuche for letting us stay with him. Joe if you're reading this you really made it a fantastic trip. Also, Joe - thanks for letting use your tumble dryer!

From Washington we left at 6.30pm on an overnight sleeper service to Atlanta. The Amtrak was pretty impressive and good food! In the morning Janine thought she'd try here luck on the train and see if she could get a nice cup of tea. The server couldn't have looked more shocked if she'd asked him for his mum's hourly rate. "Coffee then please".

From Atlanta we got a Greyhound to Athens where we are now. Obviously by the fact that this is being written we made it but .... oh my god. We'd heard stories about Greyhound and those that use the service, I'd like to say to all those who expressed shock in our chosen transportation .... .. You were right, it's full of nutters.

To give you a snapshot of the demographic using Greyhound - In the terminus waiting for our bus we had a crazy old homeless lady sitting in front of us rocking manically and chatting to herself, to our left a group of chaps that looked like they'd just finished a pretty impressive rap video and right behind us (and generally scattered over the whole terminus) men with pure "Deliverance" style mullets - I'm telling you, rat tails are in!

Anyway, aside from the bus breaking down 4-5 times on the way here we have made it to the lovely green town of Athens. Funny thing is we've got another 3 Greyhound trips - I'll start growing my mullet!

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