Thursday, 15 May 2008

Chicago – Top 5

Well Chicago was quite simply amazing. Everyone raves about New York (and with good reason!) but Chicago is really up there in terms of a great city.

On arrival we dashed from the B&B over to a bar showing the final premiership games….. As usual the sports bar was packed with Man Utd – Pseudo Fans (have any of these people ever been to Manchester?). I managed to get through the whole Man Utd winning the league experience without mentioning a plane crash or noting the semblance of Rooney to Shrek. I still feel proud of myself.

We both looked on with disbelief & joy as Boro totted up 8-1 score line against poor Sven. Me thinks a new manger is on the cards.

The rest of the day was spent preparing for Crowded House – only the 4th time J’s seen them since they reformed last year…not quite stalking by your standards Bex, but up there…! They were playing in an intimate venue called the Vic Theater and we got there in good time to get to the front by the barrier. Highlights were Private Universe and singing along to Don’t dream it’s over & Weather with you. As they were less than a 1000 people in the audience it was a great atmosphere and the band were on good bantering form. After the 2 and half set J enquired about a set list from the underused security guy - he was no use, so I requested one from the roadie on stage: “Excuse me mate, Can I have a set list?” This came out as a cross between a Kiwi / Oz / Barrow boy accent, but we were obviously talking the same language as it seemed to do the job! Result – one happy wife!

The next day was spent exploring Chicago, and whilst perusing our map to work out the best way home we were accosted by a man who said “Follow me, I’m going that way” and off he sped with us behind him. Once we’d put aside the natural British tendency to consider any stranger that talks to you a potential killer, we discovered we’d found Doug, our temporary Chicago tour guide & American commentator. Doug, if you are reading this, thanks for helping us out and keep in touch!

Ray’s B&B was amazing and in a great location. On the street corner was a pub called the Corner (you don’t have to be creative here!), where we popped in for one on the way to get some food, realised the pints of Miller Lite were $1.50 and the pub had an ATM, and that we were in trouble! We then proceeded to spend the remainder of our Chicago budget drinking Miller Lite and asking the guys and the dog at the bar various inane questions about the rules of American sports (the dog wasn’t much help). To their credit they guys didn’t once call us stupid English, though they may have thought it!

Chicago was the 1st place we felt sad we hadn’t had enough in, and it goes on the top 5 of desirable places to live. In honour of High Fidelity here are the top 5 so far (in no particular order!):

New York
Athens GA

Now in Minneapolis so blog will follow …

A & J

Ps: Thank to all those who voted on the question of Debbie and Doyle - New poll will follow shortly - I think you'll like it!

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