Saturday, 31 May 2008

The Eating Of Squirrels

I must admit, I’m a little concerned that my friends and family consider to be a “squirrel eater”. It wasn’t even close (nine votes – you know who you are!) …. Is it something I’ve said, do I have a strange reaction that I don’t know about when I’m in the company of squirrels? Please enlighten me.

The correct answer to the poll was in fact – Option D (Janine has eaten more veggie burgers than pizza in America). I kid you not – It surprised me as well for the girl we all know to be something of a pizza addict but the veggie burger v pizza score came in at an astounding (12/6).

Thanks again for voting – I’m off to see if I can fulfill my apparent destiny, watch out squirrels.

Will the one person that did in fact get the answer correct please come forward to collect your prize.


The Bad Man said...

I was sure Janine had become normal, welcomed the juicy taste of meat once more?! Humans evolved as Omnivores and omnivores eat meat!!! Embrace the fauna Mrs Smith and then EAT IT!!

As for you Mr Smith why are you surprised? Some of the things you've put in your mouth on a Friday night I'm certain Squirrel is the least of your worries! :)


My work here is done.

Hope the driving test went better than the last one


The Bad Man said...

P.S Regular pictures of the beards progress please......