Sunday, 4 May 2008

Fact: We Love Athens, Georgia

That's right folks .... We've fallen in love with Athens, Georgia.

Top 10 Reasons To Love Athens:

1) It's HOT - three days of lovely hot weather.
2) It's young and vibrant - The only major thing in town is the University of Georgia which means that it's a dynamic scene.
3) It's just beautiful - Small tree lined streets are strewn with small independent bars and restaurants.
4) It's cheap, I mean seriously $1 beers!
5) The people are LOVELY! A big mention to Meredith (Cenco Bar) and Robyn (The Grit), it was great to meet you - keep in touch!
6) The music scene is amazing. Paying $6 to get into a club (more like a large garage) to watch 3 great local bands is not something you get elsewhere.
7) The food is unbelievably good - Weaver Ds - Automatic For The People's "Chicken & Gravy" was something to behold (see photo) and The Grit's Veggie food ensured we ate there twice in 2 days.
8) It's small and walkable - You can get from one side of town to the other in 30 mins.
9) The shopping - Janine says (and we know that if someone knows about this she does) .... Athens has best record shops she's ever been into (School Kid Records & Wuxtry Records). Note: Mum - more packages en route back to Doncaster.
10) Property price is CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP (We have left ........ honest)


The Bad Man said...

Having read your 2 new posts I was happy and contented that you were enjoying yourselves but now I feel outraged...........I scan down with great anticipation to see your pics and what do i see CHICKEN LEFT UNEATEN!!!! I don't care how hot it was, you can't leave chicken. It's just not cricket.

SuzyT said...

Luxury greyhound buses coming online - just not in the direction you're travelling.