Tuesday, 6 May 2008

A Frankenstein Sandwich In Hot-Lanta.

We've left Atlanta now, and have just arrived in Nashville - yee haw!

Only a few words to say about Atlanta - People there don't listen!

1st example:

Taxi from Greyhound -

Us : Hi, we'd like to to go to 929 Ponce de Leon place, please.
Driver : You mean 293 Ponce de Leon Avenue?
Us: No. Ponce de Leon Place, definitely 929, there's a B&B there.
Driver: So 293 Ponce de Leon Avenue - There's a motel there.
Us: No. We've booked into a B&B at 929 Ponce De Leon Place.
Driver: No - It's definitely 293 Ponce De Leon Avenue.
Us: Look, this is our confirmation (showing the driver the printed confirmation including the address).
Driver: OK then.

This was followed by the driver pulling up outside 293 Ponce De Leon Avenue
Driver: This is your place.
Us: No its not.
Driver: Oh I thought you were just joking with me. I don't know where Ponce de Leon Place is!

Eventually we got our destination although he did drive past the street we wanted twice before heeding to our shouts from the back to make the turn!

2nd example:

English themed pub / bar with outdoor seating. We peruse the menu, no veg option on the sandwiches, so we ask - "Could you do a cheddar cheese sandwich, with some salad on bread?" Easy right? A slice of cheese, some lettuce and tomato in bread.

Oh but no, this causes confusion. Cheese? Yes. With Lettuce? Yes and tomato and mayo. Grilled cheese? No, cold cheese. Ok then. As the man said, "how hard is it to make a cheese sandwich - if we can't do that what can we do?"

When it arrives it is like nothing you've seen before. What was ordered was a cold cheese sandwich with salad ................

What was served was two slices of heavily fried greasy bread filled with half grilled cheese, mountains of mayo, and warm tomato & lettuce.

When the waitress asked (with a proud - "I did it" kind of smile on her face) "how did that compare with a cheese sandwich back home?" what could we say ..... "It was different." God bless America!

We stayed local in Atlanta due to the size of the city and our two days was mainly spent exploring Virginia Highlands.

Finally, due to the soaring temperature this trip is now officially sponsored by Corona.


Joe said...

The light shines bright in the North. Not too much so, in the South...

Glad you guys are enjoying the experience together. Next time, Tena and I will take you to some good spots in the city. There's a cool Thai spot in Brooklyn that you guys would have enjoyed. Although being from the Lower East Side, I do fancy a pint at 2A or Yaffa every now and then.

See you guys again either in NYC, DC or London. (Although we should meet up in Vegas, Baby!!!)


Andy & Janine Smith said...

Hey Joe,

Count us in - We love NYC so much that it won't be long until we're back!

Also, don't forget to check out -

The Backroom (the best bar I've ever been to!)



Thanks again for everything Joe!

Hope to see you soon!!!