Saturday, 10 May 2008

Memphis City Pig Blues

Memphis just about done!

Did we:

A) Go and see Elvis's Graceland
B) Lap up the culture in museums and art galleries
C) Eat rather a lot of Pig.


I guess no answer is required as we're in the "Pork BBQ Capital Of The World"! As you can imagine Janine has had her fill of culinary delights here - The term "Vegetarian" is not in the Memphis dictionary. It's not that they do bad veggie food ............. They don't do ANY veggie food! I've managed to sustain my wife on a healthy mix of fries and coleslaw (the sides which accompany my PIG!)

Jokes aside we have actually done some cultural / touristy stuff here in Memphis - The Museum Of Rock & Soul explained the progression from Blues to Rock & Roll and how it all started in Memphis (apparently they're also famous for music as well as grilled PIG! - Who knew!). We did have to compete for space in the museum with around 50 school kids who didn't seem to appreciate the experience - Screaming and running amok amongst the Elvis exhibits. We then boarded a paddle boat down the Mississippi only to find we were to be accompanied by another 50 hyper school kids. Apparently threatening to throw small children overboard is frowned upon - Again, who knew.

The music scene here in Memphis is pretty amazing - Like Nashville, there is live music just about everywhere you go but blues rather than country. Even as we're sat writing this a band is setting up at 2.15 on a Saturday afternoon. Obviously listening to live Blues musicians has been the reason we've visited so many different bars.....

Next stop is Chicago on an overnight sleeper tonight. Thank God no more Greyhound, at least not for a couple of weeks!

Ps: The pool score now stands at 17 / 8 to Mr Smith.

Pps: I will never eat Pig again - The growth of a snout may indicate that I've overdosed.

Ppps: No, we didn't go to Graceland.


neil said...

Yeh, we got your card.

The lack of further posts can't be due to no internet in Chicago and in Chicago and Minneapolis. Nor can it be a lack of interesting activities to report. So is it some other failure or are you on strike until we comment some more ;)

Hope you are still having fun. Have lots on fun in Vancouver.

neil said...

The music scene in Minneapolis/St Pauls should also be quite good ISTR. Isn't there a connection to Prince or something?