Saturday, 24 May 2008

Mountain Views, Mashed Potato & A Minor Lapse Of Concentration

After spending a lovely day with my new Mum & Dad (ie Janine’s folks) in Seattle we headed over on the bus / ferry to Port Angeles where they now live.

To describe their new town as “different from Middlesbrough” would be like saying “John Terry was a little upset on Wednesday night”. J reassures me that Boro is not all smog, gak and heavy industry but even she acknowledges that Port Angeles with it’s clean air and mountain views is really something special. You know you’ve left Boro behind when you see deer in the back garden!

J’s parents, having just moved to the States are setting up their new life and America being America a big part of that is being able to drive the American way. J’s Dad took us out to the beach, a 160 mile roundtrip from Port Angeles through some gorgeous scenery. He was doing so well, mastering the stopping at junctions, traffic lights with no amber and keeping pace with the ever changing speed limits. There was however one brief lapse of concentration where he reverted to his natural English driving and drifted into the left hand lane …. Needless to say all the passengers in the car and the oncoming traffic reminded him where he was.

On our parental road-trip we stopped for sustenance at a lovely roadside café. If you’ve ever wondered where the animals heads go after a successful American Hunting Party has passed through the forest I give you the Forks Coffee Shop / Diner (aka: The Animal Graveyard Diner). Never outside an English stately home has such a fine selection of animal heads been displayed. See photo below for exhibit 1 of many.

Our trip to Port Angeles has left us well fed! J’s pining for home cooked food (like mama-used-to-make) was satisfied with mashed potato with gravy and cheesy scones courtesy of her mum; my constant craving for Steak (seriously – it’s like an addiction) was sated at J’s Auntie June’s with a meat feast BBQ (and significant portions of green stuff to placate the veggie one).

Thought for the day – If I put together all the animal parts that I’ve eaten in the USA would I be able to make a full creature?
- Pig Ribs
- Chicken Wings
- Beef Steak (multiple varieties)
- Lamb Shank

It’d be a monster – Albeit a very hollow, headless monster (faces & giblets are not on the menu!!).

A & J

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