Friday, 9 May 2008

Country Music, Chugging Monkeys & Curry

The journey to Nashville from Atlanta was again an socio-educational experience! Having now travelled Greyhound twice we've worked out the strategy - If you can't get there early enough to get to the front of the line (and therefore have your choice of seats), pick out the "clean / normal" people to sit in front of or behind once you board the bus. A sound strategy, yes? ..................................NO.

On boarding the bus we sat behind two "clean looking" people and took our seats with a sigh of relief - Unfortunately we didn't spot the two vacant seats directly behind us. Oh yes, you guessed it .... who's excited about the possibility of sitting together - The two smelliest hicks from the entire bus station. What can only be described a a smell akin to vomited beer, four day old sweat and I'm pretty sure one of them was carrying a dead animal. We are now officially the hobo-magnets.

Some good news - Throughout the journey I managed to resist both the constant urge to sing the deliverance theme tune (Dueling Banjos) and to scream "Squeal Piggy" at anyone that looked like a Hill-Billy (apparently not easy when just about everyone on the bus has mullets).

The main drag in Nashville was around three blocks of bars and restaurants all themed around country music and most having live acts which Janine liked very much. The patrons of these bars were .... how can I put this lightly .... not exactly young - In fact when one of the performers said to the audience - "Let's get some life into you" - The thought did cross my mind - "the only way that's happening is with some paddles and around 800 volts". I guess the post war generations haven't really embraced traditional 1940's country music.

Leaving the strip behind us we left the main area of Nashville in search of something a little less touristy. What we found was the "Debbie & Doyle Show". It was like being transported back to a 1950's working men's club in the deep South of America.

Lyrics such as "fat women in trailers, they feed their children well, fat women in trailers their husbands are in jail, fat women in trailers their shoes come in the mail".


"When you're screwing other women - think of me"

Are just among some of the classic lyrics that had the geriatric audience in hysterics. For anyone that wants to experience "Debbie & Doyle", and trust me your life isn't complete without this, follow the link below: (note: sound is highly recommended - turn on your speakers and enjoy!!)

Janine would like me to point out that we did in fact find a bar with good music and talented musicians who did an amazing version of "The Devil Went Down To Georgia".

I should also mention a games machine we found in Nashville - The best game being "Monkey Chug" - A game where you have to keep a monkey upright on it's bar stool whilst you feed it glasses of beer. Genius.

Finally, and this is completely random ............ I had the best (most authentic) curry I've had outside of India in Nashville. Unbelievably good, just honest simple veggie Indian food - Everyone aside from us was Indian and all eating with their hands .... so ... when in Rome.

We're now in Memphis - More news soon.

Miss you all!


Ps: Please feel free to vote re: Debbie & Doyle.

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