Sunday, 18 May 2008

A Rocky Ride....

We were both a little worried about 38 hours on a train together in a confined space. Any-how, just to report, J got off after 5 hours with a "headache" and I'm now single again.

Just kidding, the journey was actually OK and the views through the Rockies were just spectacular, we're still happily married and have just celebrated our first month anniversary.

Due to the length of the journey we'd booked a "roomette" - The next best thing to a bedroom on the train - It's a cabin with two chairs that converts into a bunk bed at night. Do you remember how much fun bunk beds were when you were children? The difference here being your bedroom wasn't rocking at around 45 degrees at random intervals during the night. Not being the most sensible fellow and lets face it ... a little childish I bagsied top bunk - On seeing the safety harness I realised this was an errant decision.

Meals on the train were a time to meet fellow travellers, chat about life, where they were going and why - Highlights as follows:

Breakfast with Pat. A really nice guy from North Dakota who we chatted to for a couple of hours before being asked to leave the breakfast car as they needed to tidy up for lunch. Pat if you're reading this it was a pleasure chatting to you and I hope you manage to make it through Dante - The Inferno. Keep in touch!

Over dinner we were seated with our first classic Fat White American - Nice guy but conversationally not that gifted and certinaly not blessed with a grasp of world geography. The conversation when something like ....

Yes - I'm sure the rivers do run faster in the West
Yes - It's impressive that your "one friend" did catch a 2 foot salmon.
No - Contrary to your firm belief, England is not further North than Canada. (The only thing we can think is that he got England confused with Greenland.)
Yes - Of course it's perfectly acceptable for you to have no inclination to leave Northern America. As you so eloquent put it - "why would I, everything you need is here".
Yes - Three slices of dessert cake is too much.

On arrival into Seattle we jumped for joy knowing our 38 hour train journey was over. Only to realise that we had another 3 hours on a bus to Canada - Not helped by a sizable portion of Canadian bureaucracy at customs.

No - I'm not a terrorist
No - I have no intention of going to a farm in Canada.
Yes - We are married but our names do differ on the passports.
No - I've never been to Canada before
No - After this interrogation I have no intent of living here.

We're now in Vancouver and slumming in a rather nice hotel called the Opus.

Yes - It is expensive.
No - I don't care.

A & J

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