Sunday, 25 May 2008

Room With A View And A Basement Without One

3 Things we did in Seattle:

- Laughed hysterically at John Terry (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha - sorry – I just can’t help it! )
- Met J’s parents and went on the Mono-Rail (nowhere nearly as exciting as it ought to have been)
- Found a shop that sold English Tea (don’t take it for granted folks – You get withdrawal symptoms when deprived for more than a month!)

Two other stories from Seattle:

- Apparently announcing that you're on Honeymoon to anyone that will listen on arrival in a hotel gets you a great room – who knew? Thank you the Hyatt - The 29th Floor Hotel Suite which was without doubt bigger than our flat in London was a very pleasant experience (not to mention the complimentary chocolates and champers!). Janine did refuse to step within a meter of the hotel room window but who needs the edge of a room.

- The Seattle Underground Tour is overrated. When they have the audacity to announce (note: once payment has been received) that the “Underground Tour” is really “just walking round a few basements” you know you’ve been done. Factually interesting, visually deprived.

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