Thursday, 15 May 2008

Sodden Smugness...

It all begins with our departure from Memphis. As we were having our last meal in Memphis (you guessed it folks - more pork!) we could see the horizon getting blacker and blacker. As the rain clouds closed in we decided to hop in a taxi and get to the Amtrak a little early - better than getting wet right? As the cab door closed the heavens opened and two smug little Brits watched as others scrambled for cover. The torrential rain continued through the cab ride and when we pulled up outside the Amtrak station 2 hours early it was still hammering down.
As the cab pulled away the smugness subsided on the realization that we were on the wrong side of the station and no-where near the entrance. As we dashed around the station with our backpacks looking like something from "SAS Are You Tough Enough" (answer – no) we became more and more sodden with each second. At the station entrance we were informed that due to the weather a "sink hole" had blocked the track and we'd be taking a bus to meet up with our train further down the line. After a rather surreal hour of sitting in completely sodden clothes and watching "Once Upon A Time In Mexico" the fattest bus driver in the world announced he was leaving early. He muttered something about the other 18 passengers that had train tickets but hadn't yet arrived and then sped off into the night one hour early, leaving these poor people to whatever fate awaited them ... at this point the smugness returned. A new rule - Arrive early for travel in America!

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