Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Lost With A Scooter

We have spent the few days here whizzing around the Island on a scooter (Andy passed his scooter driving test out here – no doors to close!), swimming in the sea and cooking for ourselves. The greatest joy for me on the 1st day, after doing a bit of shopping was getting back to the flat and making myself a cheese sandwich - just cheese in bread - (if you’ve travelled through America, you’ll understand, simplicity in food is not their forte!). Enough of my self-imposed food issues – We are in paradise now!

Rarotonga itself resembles the island in Lost, with a big ominous volcanic rock at the centre, an impenetrable rainforest surrounding it, and a beautiful sandy beach (And probably the same amount of people living on it too!) Note: no black mist or polar bears to date.

Anyway, it’s been cloudy since we’ve arrived but still hot (25+), and the sea is perfect for swimming in. Andy swam out to the reef yesterday, and saw fish. I read a book on the beach and watched sand crabs scuttle about. I believe this is how our month will be spent. Happy Times!

Needless to say, we probably won’t be updating the blog too often over the next month – but keep leaving comments as it’s nice to know you still remember us (though once Andy’s beard is fully grown you may not recognise him).



Joe said...

Hello Smiths!

I've finally caught up with reading the blog (as I wipe my tears from all the laughter.) Glad to know that you are both safe and in good health.

Quick update on my front: It has been nearly two months since I last smoked a cigarette. And after Tena's comments that ever since I quit, my mouth has been like a 7-11, (always open,) I have had no choice but to join gym.)

Finally, I popped the question to her on the 25th of May. (And of course she said yes...) Tena and I were very grateful for the card and bubbly you left us. Cheers!

Well, my favorite British bums... enjoy life, and I shall speak to thee later!

- Joe Z.

neil said...

The piccies of the Cook Islands look amazing. I hope you are having a lovely relaxing time.