Tuesday, 29 July 2008

It's Life Jim ...

Life in New Zealand (ie two weeks of life in New Zealand) is looking good. My job is now no longer completely alien and the 25 minute door to door commute is pretty special. J is enjoying the luxury of trying to find the job she really wants and may get a part time job to keep her in shoes.

We've had our first cyclone over here. A pretty crazy topical storm that meant we were completely housebound for 2 days - Nothing to do with ploughing through Series 5 of 24 on DVD, honest. :0)

Onto the more important news ... We've found a local!! It's not Mission Bay (close to us) but rather in the centre of Auckland. Small, virtually unmarked back street bar called Tabac (google it!).

We're on a friend hunt over here - don't worry no-one is being replaced. Although I should note that I'm quite shallow and in the past have found friendship closely linked to big fat presents arriving through the post! Applications to: 20A Rukutai Street, Orakei, Auckland 1071.

Final bit of news - it looks like we'll be heading back to England in December, just for a few weeks. It'll be great to catch up with everyone!

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ps: If you check the links on this page the Aqua Pacific advert "orr .. I've had a bit", (just classic) features the police woman who took me on my driving test in Rarotonga. Small world - or small island more accurately.

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