Wednesday, 20 August 2008

We live in Hobbiton

It's true - we have moved to what can only be described as "Hobbiton"! No, it's not due to being surrounded by small people with hairy feet (although there are a few) more that ...

- Everyone is super friendly - Bus stop conversations actually happen.

- The biggest news is "Cat Up Tree" type stuff, see (from the main NZ paper):

- They just don't care - Eg: "Boobs on Bikes", see:

- At the Olympics New Zealand being slightly more successful than Tonga is a major success.

- The commute from home to work is 25 mins and does not include any of the following:

1) Waiting for a late train or buses
2) Having to stand on said late train or bus.
3) Having to stand on said late train or bus and being forced into a randoms armpit.
4) Having to stand on said late train or bus, being forced into a random's armpit and being subjected to beggars / druggies.

- The Kiwi's stay away from global politics. Seriously try and find something recent on the BBC regarding New Zealand that isn't something to do with a) the Olympics b) Rugby or c) Storms. Go on try, there's nothing!

Other big news - At least for myself and Mrs Smith is .... Lazy (our local bar in London) has closed! Now for many of you this will mean nothing, but for us it's really sad news! For those of you that know what life for us was like in London (noisy neighbours etc) you'll appreciate that for over a year Lazy was like a 2nd home! We're not really sure what happened - Personally I'm going for it closing down due to the fact that a major revenue stream moved to New Zealand. Actually, if the rumour mill is correct, the landowner put up the ground rent to such a point they couldn't operate a business and make a profit. The person who owns the land will demolish the building and put up flats - therefore making a tidy penny I'm sure. God bless you Lazy - gone but not forgotten.

Aside from getting into the work routine there's probably little else to tell you. Only that we went Kayaking in the sea last weekend. Note to self: The sea in winter is very, very cold - Do not repeat.

Christmas is now certain - Obviously not "Christmas" which is always certain, but rather us coming back to the UK for Christmas. December 22nd until early Jan. Be warned - presents will be pretty standard this year - Fake hobbit feet for one and all!

Oh ... a couple of new photo's have also been added, scroll down to view.

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