Friday, 10 October 2008

A Fat Russell Crowe & Some Places To Avoid

In May 2008 we wrote a quick top 5 places we'd like to live, perhaps influenced by recency - hence lots of USA placements. The list was -

New York
Athens GA

Continuing in High Fidelity style, here are October 2008 top 5 places we'd like to live ...(in no particular order!):

New York
San Francisco
Athens GA

Note: We really are loving living in New Zealand!!!

Also, here are our top 5 places not to live - (October 08)

1)Iraq - Pretty obvious, insurgents shooting at USA troops, USA troops shooting at anyone, no facilities, a government that doesn't work and screwed infrastructure. Mission accomplished!

2) Iran - Oh come on, we all know what's coming.

3) In any home with an Icelandic Bank mortgage.

4) Zimbabwe - Inflation running at 231000000% and 90%+ unemployment. Oh, and no particular love of "the white man".

5) Eastbourne - So full of old people it looks like a scene from Cocoon (possibly a bit harsh on Eastbourne but I've made the font small so it's unlikely anyone there will be able to read the blog)

A few more bit and pieces to report:

We watched "Body of Lies" last night which we both agreed was superb (not often that happens!). It ticked all the right boxes - political, spy-orientated thriller, with a hint of underplayed romance, cultural incompatibility and extremely good acting. And if you ever wondered what Russell Crowe would look like if he morphed into the fat Marlon Brando, see this film!

The honeymoon continues - We've booked our first New Zealand trip, to Waiheke Island for Labour day (a public holiday at the end of October.) Sun, sand and vineyards - what more could you ask for from a holiday?

Saturday, 4 October 2008

A Missing Stair-Gate & A Country With No Talent

The biggest news from our last couple of weeks has been saying goodbye to "The Hird Of Hirds" (Mark & Jen + Euan & Callum). They departed these shores last Sunday to move their life back to to the UK. Having had them live with us for two weeks it felt very strange to walk up-stairs to our lounge and not have to negotiate the child safety stair-gate. Hirds - We still miss you all!

Our routine continues pretty much as normal, work M-F, drinks on Friday night and then watching pre-recorded Premiership football on Sunday mornings. It'd be great if I could just manage to correct that M-F bit.

In regards to work - J has settled into her office job. She's a "Policy Administrator", she has her own desk / own e-mail and at this point AIG is still afloat - it's all good!

My work is somewhat up in the air - major changes in the HR department mean I'm saying goodbye to my "Solutions Consultant" job title - and hello to my new job title of "HR Consultant". It's a sad day - I was quite proud of such a meaningless title - It was only second to Gav Nunns who once presented me with his business card noting him as a "Knowledge Engineer". Nice.

Terrestrial TV over here is currently showing "New Zealand's Got Talent" This may be a shock to you but - FYI: New Zealand has NO talent. The acts range from a bartender pouring cocktails to a poor mans Gaelic jig band who note they are inspired by Scottish Gaelic bands - eh - isn't it the Irish jig?

The other thing that's running on TV over here is a series of anti-drink driving tv adverts. I've linked one to the blog - They do call it as they see it over here! Note: they did have one featuring a female drink driving, obviously it ended badly and was capped by the phrase - "if you drink and drive - your a stupid bit@h". They drew the line at this one, it never made the airwaves.

We think our favourite local barman is in fact an alcoholic! Last Friday we were feeling a Little antisocial and decided to go to a different bar after work (not our local - Tabac). Sitting down and enjoying a Corona we were surprised to see our barman friend stroll up to the bar in his work attire, order a vodka shot - hammer it in one and then walk out the door. Being inquisitive we decided to follow him - guess where he went - Tabac. He was at the start of a 8 hour shift. Hardcore (and possibly in need of help)!! Perhaps finding friends outside of bars/pubs is the way

We'll soon have visitors - We'll be saying hello to Emma (a friend of J's) in October shortly followed by a visit from Rob & Bernie in November. It'll be great to see some friendly faces. We've got plenty of room so if your reading this how about NZ as your next holiday destination - free accommodation!!!

Finally, we're planning to learn to drive early in the new year. That's right folks at the age of 30 I've decided it's time to get mobile!