Sunday, 14 June 2009

Poker, Prohibition & Pain

We recently hosted our first poker game, attendees were as follows:
- James Bond
- The Oracle (from the Matrix)
- Amy Winehouse
- Andy Two Guns
(see photo below)

The result was a 3am victory for Andy Two Guns and a mental note that blinds must be increased at more regular intervals!

Continuing the gangster theme, on Saturday night we made it to a restaurant we’ve been meaning to get to since we arrived in Auckland – “Prohibition”. A fantastic place themed as a 1920’s speakeasy, gangsters, molls and everything from glassware to the toilets (copper – no less) in true New York speakeasy style (see photo below).

As Kiwi winter has kicked in running along the coast is no longer such an attractive proposition, so squash is the new exercise of choice. Having not played for over a year the only thing that has been achieved so far is a paralysed status akin to Paul Sheldon in “Misery” – post hobbling.