Monday, 28 May 2012

Burlesque, Cannoli and shoes in NYC (May 2012)

Well that was fun … exhausting but fun! May 2012, New York city - tick. So what did we get up to? Here’s the top 10 of our time in NYC … At 10 - Walking. The best way to truly get to know a city is to pound the pavement and we certainly put in the leg work. From Upper East to the Financial District there can’t have been much of Manhattan we didn’t walk up, down or around. At 9 - A super relaxing afternoon in the “Water Lounge” of Great Jones Street Spa in the East Village before we flew out of the city. Miranda, if you’re reading this it could be something to look at for when you’re in the city later in the year. . Number 8 - A doctors to remember. For our rabies jabs for Indonesia we needed 3 separate jabs, each one week apart. Due to "planning issues" we ended up needing the 2nd jab whilst in NYC. We booked in at a doctors on the Upper East side, a building that used to be a private residence before being converted into a doctors surgery. We were privileged enough to get to see how some New Yorkers live - 6 floors of marble spiral staircase anyone? (see photo below). Number 7 - Sights. Walking across the Broklyn Bridge and seeing the new World Trade Centre come out of the ashes (on our last visit the Ground Zero sight was just a hole in the ground) were amazing. 1 WTC is as at May 2012 70 floors in height and will be hitting 105 (above surface floors) before completion. In at 6 (note this could well be higher on Janine‘s list but I‘m writing so ….) - Consignment stores, lots and lots of consignment stores with (more) shiny yet inexpensive shoes! At Number 5 - The High Line Walkway. What a superb idea - convert an old / derelict raised railway line into a public walkway / garden. 10 blocks of the highline has been developed / regenerated so far and there’s another 20+ to come. This comes with a Smith seal of recommendation for anyone visiting the city. Number 4 - Amazing bar staff - thanks especially to Aussie Tim at Belfry bar and Sarah at Bowery Electric for making us feel so welcome - Sarah @ Bowery Electric music favourites … Johnny Cash & June Carter - Jackson Queen - bohemian Rhapsody Janis Joplin - Bobby McGee David Bowie - Fame Elvis Costello - Either is of the same town Fave LP - Rent (original cast recording) Tim @ Belfry music favourites ... Radiohead - fake Plastic Trees Jeff Buckley - Lover you should have come over Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Ship Song Pink Floyd - Us and them Led Zeppelin - Rain song Fave LP - Abattoir Blues Nick Cave Number 3 - Great restaurants recommended by Zagat. From one end of the spectrum (The Old Homestead Steak House) to the other (Sacred Chow vegan café) this city really does offer the very best. Lets not even get started on the cannoli served by Marinellas (see “Number 1”) Number 2 - New York City pizza - favourite place was once again Ben’s on McDougal Street, Greenwich Village. Nom. At Number One - Meeting up with David and Collette (ex-Goldman/Spherion colleagues.) A night of superb food (how had we never eaten cannoli before - oh my god), laughter, speak-easy crawling (Angels Share and Backroom) and accidental burlesque at Nurse Betties. It was just amazing to see you both - lets not wait 12 years until the next time!


Colette Levinstein said...
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Colette Levinstein said...

So glad we're N#1 it would suck being number 10. It was great seeing you both. Didn't realize you can do so many things in the pouring rain in NYC. Yes, it shouldn't take 12 yrs for the sequel.