Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Wellington Weather In The Big Aple

After a rather long and cramped flight (insert rant re people that put their seats back for the entire duration of an 11 hour fligt) we arrived safely in LA for our one night stop over. Jet lag kicked in resulting in a 1.30am trip to the gym! We both may look like zombies but at least we'll be in shape. If you think going on holiday is about sunshine and beaches then ours to date would be a far cry from ideal. We've now arrived safely in New York and it looks like we've brought a batch of Wellington weather with us - it's not stopped raining since we arrived and today's forecast is thunderstorms! J's over the moon with the news and is using the excuse of poor weather to execute "operation thrift store", what looks to be a plan with military precision (there's actually a route map and everything!). Last night (our first night here) J managed to score free tickets to a gig. We spent our evening in the Hard Rock Cafe underground garage on Time Square, listening to a selection of New Yorks finest. Jesse Malin was super impressive (if your reading this and going "who?", firstly shame on you and secondly, check YouTube it's what it's there for). Off now to brave the rain and abuse the credit card.

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